We strongly believe that the NFL community should be able to air their views about what's going on in the NFL. Our very first Podcast featured more than 20 fans! We'd love to get you involved in keeping our podcast going. 

With that in mind we've created a shared space for you to share your audio files with us and a guide to make sure we get you sounding your best when we stick it in the podcast. 

  1. Grab your recording device - If you have professional recording equipment (I know some of you do) then by all means use it but if not you can use your phone! Whether you're using Android or iPhone
  2. Record your audio - Keep it under 30 seconds, show your passion, but please don't swear! We won't be able to use it if you do! Begin your message with your name, where your calling from and who you support and then let us know your views!
  3. Click the big button below - Attach your file! Make sure it has your name and on it so we can find it easily and send away!
  4. Enjoy your newfound fame - We can't guarantee that we'll use every clip but we promise to use as many as possible. If you get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, remember us.